Liquor Licence

An exemption exists under Sections 12-14 of the Liquor Act 1992 set out liquor licence exemptions for certain activities.  An exemption exists for businesses that sell liquor as part of a floral arrangement or gift basket. The following criteria must be met to be exempt from requiring a licence:

  • The sale is part of a florist's business or the business of a person selling gift baskets.
  • The quantity of the liquor is not more than two litres and, if the liquor includes spirits, the quantity of spirits is not more than one litre.
  • The floral arrangement or gift basket must be delivered as a gift to an adult other than the purchaser of the floral arrangement or gift basket.
  • The gift is to be delivered to a place other than the business where the sale was made and other than a relevant restricted area.
  • The total value of the liquor and the container in which it is supplied is not more than 75 per cent of the gift's sale price.
  • The liquor was purchased on a retail basis.

More information can be found on the Queensland Government Business Queensland website