Doormat Care

Tips and Tricks for looking after your new doormat...

Shake your mat

Because your coir mat is made from natural materials, we recommend giving your new custom doormat a good shake to remove any dirt or debris.

Keep your mat dry

We want you to get the most out of your mat, so we suggest avoiding water. Letting your mat get wet can cause discolouration and fading.

Keep your mat sheltered from the elements

While we use marine grade paint and a UV sealer, our custom painted doormats are decorative and shouldn't be used for heavy use. Keep your mat in a covered area to ensure the life length of your mat.

Vacuum your Mat

All of our mats are made with a twisted coir structure to help reduce shredding, but shedding can still occur. We recommend vacuuming your mat once a week to help keep them nice and fresh.

Spray your Mat

We want you to enjoy your custom door mat for as long as possible. This is why we suggest spraying your mat with a clear sealant to make it last even longer. Note the spray may slightly darken the coir but it will be worth it!