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Chocolatini Cocktail Kit

Chocolatini Cocktail Kit

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Chocolatini Cocktail Kit

You and the Gift Receiver must be over 18 years of age.

The Chocolatini is like a dessert in a glass—a sip that whispers indulgence and sweet sophistication with every taste.  Ordering a Chocolatini is like saying, "Let's turn happy hour into a delightful treat!" It's the perfect blend of elegance and decadence, combining the timeless appeal of chocolate with the flair of a cocktail.

This drink is a liquid hug—smooth, creamy, and oh-so-decadent. It's like a chocolate lover's dream come true, where the richness of chocolate liqueur meets the smoothness of cream or vodka, creating a blissful symphony on your taste buds.  So, here's to the Chocolatini—the cocktail that proves drinks can be deliciously decadent, a luxurious treat for those who believe in ending the day on a sweet note. Cheers to sipping on sophistication with a chocolatey twist!


This Cocktail Gift Box includes ingredients to make TWO Chocolatini Cocktails plus a Recipe Card, Cocktail Shaker, Cocktail Glass and a couple of snacks.


1 x 50ml Vodka

2 x 50ml Baileys Irish Cream

1 x Chocolate Syrup

1 x Chocolate Sprinkles


It's a creamy, decadent cocktail that delights the taste buds with the rich flavours of chocolate and a hint of indulgence. Adjust the proportions or sweetness to suit your preference. Enjoy your Chocolatini!


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You have an option to upgrade your Chocolatini Cocktail Gift Box, to include an extra glass and an additional snack for an extra $20.


This Cocktail Kit Gift Box is the perfect alternative to sending a traditional hamper. What is better than a Cocktail delivered to your door.


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You and the Gift Receiver must be over 18 years of age.

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